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Portable Restroom Solutions is the number one choice for restroom rentals in the Fort Collins area. We have been leading the charge in clean, well-maintained, dependable porta-potty rentals for the past 26 years. We believe that every job site, every event, and every portable Fort Collins site, has the right to portable restrooms where they feel comfortable and safe.

Delivering Comfort and Privacy

We know that clean, safe restrooms are an essential part of every day. Non-permanent locations shouldn’t have to deal with filth, smells, and old, broken porta-potties. That’s why we work hard to shift the way portable restrooms are viewed. At Portable Restroom Solutions, we are always on time, delivering clean, well-maintained restrooms to your Fort Collins location. We’re not one of those companies that simply delivers restrooms and then ignores you until pick-up time. Our team is available for you should needs arise. We are present and ready to help, from efficient, on-time delivery, to pick up. When you work with Portable Restroom Solutions, you’re not simply getting places for people to do their business. You’re getting places people can relax and feel comfortable in, ensuring a smooth and welcoming environment at your job site or event.


You shouldn’t have to be distracted from your real work to deal with problems resulting from a negative porta-potty experience. We’re the dependable, out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution so you can focus on everything else.


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At Portable Restroom Solutions, we offer the highest level of portable restroom services in Fort Collins, Colorado. We guarantee clean, reliable, well-maintained restrooms to meet your needs.

We serve construction sites and special events, and we also offer septic services. We always follow a smooth and simple process that ensures the best for your environment. Our process includes scheduling, delivery, and your peace of mind, leaving you with well-cared for restrooms and an available team to ensure things run smoothly.